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BugNomster BugNomster 15 July 2012

How to: Add a new species to Entomophagy Wiki

Hello everyone! I just wrapped up a video tutorial on adding a new species to Entomophagy Wiki. If you'd rather not jump into the deep end, you can check out Category:Article stubs to view articles that need additional information. If you want to add a species that isn't in the wiki yet, though, you can view the video here and read the written instructions below:

  1. Click on contribute and add a new page
  2. Name that page the scientific name for the species you are adding (i.e. Zophobas morio)
  3. Switch to the source editor and paste in

And that's it! Your new species page is 100% done!

Look out for me to add another tutorial on adding recipes soon.

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