About the author

Daniel Calder is a freelance writer and advocate of entomophagy. His book "The Dietitian's Guide to Eating Bugs" is a free and publicly available guide to the nutritional content of insects.

Calder's goal is to demonstrate that one can obtain the vast majority of one's RDA for most essential macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino and fatty acids from insects alone, and that breeding and generating one's own food supply with insects is economically more feasible, as well as healthier, than purchasing or raising more conventional meats. 

Calder currently possesses the relevant data from reputable scholarly sources concerning the nutritional content of all the listed insects on the book's table of contents and is in the process of updating the relevant material daily.

About the book

While still somewhat in its preliminary stages, the book's content is updated daily. Part 1 of the book gives a brief account of the insect being discussed, as well as its nutritional content, with full citation from reliable academic articles on the subject.

Part 2 then shows how much of each demographic's RDA and/or AI one obtains from consuming 100 grams of the insect's dry matter, as well as how many grams of the insect dry matter one must consume in order for such a demographic to obtain its RDA and/or AI.

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